Meet Tom Lamey
The Wirral, England


Which Internship are you doing?

I am an animator at Eallin Studio

What Does Your Role Include You doing?

I use ToonBoom, and Moho to animate. And I have currently been involved in character and small effects animation for general clients of the studio, as well as developing my own skill set in Animation




What Made You Decide To Come On This Internship?

Predominantly to get someĀ in-studio experience and to take advantage of living in Prague for three months

Would You Recommend This Internship?


Funny Or Absurd Thing About Prague?

The Trams are almost too efficient compared to the public transport in Merseyside which is almost non-existent.

Your Favourite Place in Prague?

My bed. (laughs)
I’m Kidding, Mr Hotdog in Kamenicka, is definitely a highlight, the bacon cheese sliders are dope as hell.