Meet Marcia and Filipa
Braga, Portugal

Which Internship are you doing?

We are doing an internship in Fashion Design at WNOOZOW Studio for two months.

What Does Your Role Include You Doing?

Gobeline, Weaving and learning Macramé. And now we are starting on the coat brand for the winter season. So its a lot of designing and sketching. We sketch on paper first and then use Illustrator. I (Filipa) focus on designs for women whilst Marcia focuses on designs for men.

What Made You Decide To Come On This Internship?

To improve our fashion knowledge and to be more independent,  We think it will be good to have a new experience in a different country.

Filipa: Since I was a child I’ve always wanted to do fashion, more so for women and in a style that is quite classic. And I think I will go on to university to continue my studies in Fashion.

Marcia:  I definitely lean more towards Men’s fashion and streetwear that is a little hi-tech in style. As for continuing on to University, I’m still thinking about it.


Would You Recommend This Internship?

Yeah. 100%

Funny Or Absurd Thing You’ve Experienced In Prague?

Filipa: For us, it was when we went to play a laser game…and we lost (laughs)

Marcia: We were terrible.

Your Favourite Place in Prague?

Old Town & Cross Club  In Nadrazi Holesovice.