Meet Bracken Roots,
Rainow, Cheshire, England




Which Internship are you doing?

Architecture Internship at CCEA Moba

What Does your role include you doing?

My role can be quite varied, but it includes using various software such as AutoCAD, and 3D modelling software for communication and rendering of the designs for current urbanism projects. In addition, we also work on research of historical buildings across Prague and Europe. 

What are you enjoying most?

Getting to know European architecture, and being part of a practice that works on such large scale projects that have an impact. We are currently working on a project that will affect up to 1600 people social housing area, so we are working on something that will impact the city and the lives of those in the city.

What Made you decide to come on this internship?

Being able to experience my practise architectural profession in another country. I was in Australia before, and being able to experience the country itself and its way of working.

Would you recommend this internship?


Funny or absurd thing about Prague?

The humour of the people here is very similar to mine which I found surprising! And also I wasn’t expecting for there to be a lot of spiritual practice, which has been quite nice. 

Your Favourite Place in Prague?

 Cafe Kavarna co hleda jmeno.  It’s quite rustic and it’s very artsy and I enjoy going there.