Meet Patryk, Florian and Johann.
Nimes, France


Which Internship are you doing?

Johann: We are working at Prusa Lab, which is a creative open space run by Prusa Research.

What Does your role include you doing:  

Johann: My project is a little like Minecraft where you have common blocks, and you put a programme that when you use it,  something happens in real life. It’s an interactive game, so I use Java and translate it into Python c++… It’s all very technical.

Patryk: I was building a people counter to count how many people were in Prusa Lab, it is practically finished I just need to screw it to the entrance door.

Florian: My project was making an interactive LED game where. I created lighting and installed it into the workspace window area, and when its finished users can use and interact with it from the other side of the glass/window. It’s also quite technical to explain.


What Made You Decide To Come On This Internship?

Patryk: When Lukas said we would be here, we thought we would be doing 3d printing but we have been doing a lot of programming, which has worked out better for us.

Johann: We were the smartest kids in our class (laughs) so we got the internship, we spoke with Lukas about what we were interested in, I lean more towards coding & programming

Florian: Patryk and I were and are interested in Hardware.


Would You Recommend This Internship?

Johann: It’s a great experience! It was really helpful and the people were teaching us and we learned a lot about coding, and work methods and being in a professional environment that we don’t see a lot in France.

Patryk: Yes! When you are in an internship usually they tell you to do a task, and you have to do it and then they give you another task, but here its really free and they help us and even gave us projects to work on.


Funny Or Absurd Thing About Prague?

Patryk: Crossing the road here is also really hilarious. The first week we didn’t know a lot about Prague, we were a bit shy to go to new places so we now find it funny that we would just go to Palladium and that’s it.

Johann: There’s a lot of stairs to climb!

Your Favourite Place in Prague?

J, P , F: Prague Castle, Letna and Charles Bridge are all really beautiful.