Meet Marian Ayigsi,
Norwich, England

Which Internship Are You Undertaking?

 I am an Intern at Under Construction Architects based in Prague.


What Does Your Role Include You Doing?

It varies, when I first got here, I was involved in a pharmacy project which entailed using Adobe Photoshop for visualisations I was creating. Now I am working on a project designing two boys bedroom using Sketch-Up and Auto Cad.


What are you enjoying most?

I am definitely enjoying using the skills I learned from my degree in a professional environment. 

What Made You Decide To Take This Internship?

It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I’ve always wanted to work abroad and I love travelling. So having an opportunity where I could do both was incredible!

Would You Recommend This Internship?
Mhhhm! A billion thousand percent! Its an invaluable experience.

What Has Been The Most Shocking Thing About Prague?
(Laughs)  The driving! My advice is that cross the road with confidence, or you’ll lose your life!

Your Favourite Building in Prague?
Narodni Muzeuem, It’s a beautiful landmark building and I love the way it lights up at night or how it looks when the sun hits it. When I first moved here, and I couldn’t find my apartment it was my centre point for whenever I got lost.